Oh look! Another post! I have lots of things to say because it’s been a busy few days. This weekend was the Summer pantomime and now things have calmed down and returned more or less normal, so I can show some of the sewing I’ve been up to.

I learned how to put in zips, and made these two felt pouches, lined with printed cotton and hand-appliqued. Recognise that owl? And I am slightly in love with the lining fabric on the cat wallet, so much so that I may be including it in my hexagons quilt.



There’s finally a cat in my cat-titled blog! This isn’t a walks-by-herself cat, more a Jenny Anydots type cat who curls by the fire, but it’s a start. The zip isn’t so great in that one, I tried to turn over the top and it didn’t really work. I’d like to have a go at making a lighter cotton wallet or maybe a drawstring bag with similar appique pictures.

Now I’m going to go to sing with my octet because we’ve got a concert coming up. Tomorrow there’s the get-out for the panto, and more singing, then the screening of the Christmas Pantomime which I did the costumes for. I can’t wait to see it! And it’s fancy dress as a character you didn’t play, so I get to see all my handiwork again. All in all, I’m excited about it.