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Red riding hood's basket



It’s been a while, mostly due to the absence of internet. My favourite time of the year has just flown by. Little Red Riding Hood went out for hallowe’en, into the woods barefoot for her Samhain, alone with the moon and the trees and the tide on the Avon just turning. She had a basket full of super-cool pumpkins, carved to scare ofd the spirits. Bristol is a treat to look at at night, but fireworks make it better. Grab some friends and some blankets and groundsheets, get a candle in a lantern and a flask of tea and just sit and go “ooh, ahh”, go to the pub then have mulled wine and play games in the dark. Have a zen sunday, have a few zen sundays sewing and sitting around, with so many friends that i didn’t know were artists.

And big big big news. I am a waged woman! I now work full-time at Clifton Tots Nursery, on the toddler floor. We have about twenty 18 months to 3 year-olds, and it’s as chaotic as that sounds, in a good way. I am so, so happy and grateful to have this job. I knew my right job would come to me in time, that I am exactly where I need to be, but it can get hard to believe. Yes I was waiting unemployed for a long long time of stress and interviews but it was because of this one coming alone. It’s so affirming, when what you are waiting for arrives. My tao is so good to me, even if I can’t explain this concept to many people it’s still my truth.

“Some people don’t understand when I say these are the things I believe” Damh the Bard
Peace and a blessed Samhain for those who celebrated x


I just love September. Who doesn’t? It’s the perfect energy for me, a lovely combination of ending feelings from the earth’s rhythm starting to think about wrapping everything up, but at the same time the school term is starting so it feels like a fresh start. *Happy sigh*

When I was in Slovenia, I would get up at 6 every day. The first ten minutes out of bed, pulling on cold trousers and stepping out while it’s still dark because the sun may have risen but it hasn’t crested the mountains yet, they were hellish. But then I would adjust, and just breathe in the air- perfect. I love mornings, I don’t see as many of them as I should. So yesterday I went for a morning walk on my ownsome, and took a mug of green tea up to the observatory. Bliss.

Misty bridge


While I was walking I went down the trail that comes out in the bottom of the gorge by the steps, and there was a fallen tree that I’d never noticed before. I might have tripped over it, if someone hadn’t kindly labelled it for me;

Mind the tree

Who does that? That’s the kind of thing I would do, and I mean that in the best possible way.

So what craft has been going down? Hexagons, of course! I have sewn all the hexes I need for my quilt top, I think. Look at them all cuddled up in a biscuit tin. This makes me happy.


Cant figure out how to get apostraphes on this keyboard so apple-low-cheese for the lack of punctuation. Also the zs and ys are mixed up.

Just checking in with the travel-ness. I spent two nights in Ljubjlana (Slovenia) and its a nice city where I proved once more that if you drop me in a capital city it will take me 24 hours to find a wooded area. Also in Ljubljana; Dragons and shiny things.

Here I am at Mothir Jorð, Vallanes.

It is beautiful.

I am surrounded by mountains covered in snow and there are wildflowers everywhere We´re on the edge of lake Lagarflot, where there are fantastic crystals formed by the lava; quartz peices and agate geodes as big as my fist just lying around. I´ve never seen anything like it. Speaking of things lying around, there´s a dead sheep and Bonnie has taken the fleece to card and spin so I might learn how to do that.

The midnight sun takes some getting used to. I love it!

Grace´s pictures 002

Grace´s pictures 006

Here´s the team planting beets in the far feild, which is a lot of fun. Eymundur grows beets and all sorts of vegetables, and barley, which we eat a lot of. It is cooked up with apples and cinnamon to make a kind of porridge called ´Gabriel´s breakfast´ it´s damn good. I eat that every morning, and Lilia the housekeeper makes all veggie food.

In short I´m still alive and enjoying myself. The internet is super slow so I can´t put more pictures, but it´s gorgeous here.

I love the rain.

Rain on trees

In other news I was in Bath with Tom. Eating a veggie burger.




I think my pictures speak three thousand words.

I love Boxley. I love baking cake. I love mehndi and I love Sam.