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This is my purple-and-green-should-never-be-seen quilt fit for an elfin gypsy princess. I am quite convinced it has magical properties.

I’ve been so slow to post, I actually made this quilt in a weekend with the exception of the binding which took absolutely ages. I’m really proud of it too. I can’t seem to get a picture which does the colours justice- the two light greens are more mid-green and less yellowy or mint-green than they look above. It’s not perfect by any means, but it probrably says more about me than it does about the peice itself that it’s the first quilt I’ve ever made and I’m mourning that it’s not perfect. Here’s a close up of that binding;

I machine bound it, and it was seriously so difficult. How on earth do people have the patience to hand-bind? This took me hours and hours even with the machine, and I felt like I needed at least two sets of extra hands at all times, or possibly some kind of seamstress tentacles?

Anyway, I took the pattern from my quilting book ‘Bundles of fun; quilts from fat quarters’ by Karen Snyder. However for reason I will get to in a minute, my quilt is nothing like the layout I was supposed to be following.

 It’s the first pattern in the book, called “Twelve Easy Pieces” and it calls for twelve fat quarters, which I dutifully chose from Hobbycraft. This is where things started to get interesting- the lad who was cutting my fabric for me basically didn’t know what he was doing, and didn’t listen to a word I said. I asserted multiple times I was working in yards and inches, and Hobbycraft even sell some ready-cut fat quarters, but after insisting he was doing what I wanted, he went ahead and cut my fabric. Got home, opened it out, scratched head, got out tape-measure. He’d cut me quarter metres. *facepalm*

So right from there the cutting diagram I had wouldn’t fit, cause I had extra fabric, but not where I needed it. Since I couldn’t follow Karen’s diagram,which called for 61/2 inch squares, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just keep cutting six inch quares till I ran out of fabric, and use the rest to make binding, since my ruler to use with my shiny new rotary cutter is a six-inch rectangle, so it was a no-brainer to do it that way.

It’s the Rage Against The Machine school of pattern cutting- fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!

And you know what, I didn’t need a pattern anyway. It came together fine, give or take some horrible rucks and dubious stitch-in-the-ditch skills.

I am so proud of myself!

It’s really cool to make a big project, get raw materials and make something beautiful, something you can’t even buy these days. And more than ever I am pleased to have this blog so that I get to brag a little bit, because I appreciate that noone in my world will find my quilt as exciting as I do. I’m really fired up to make more projects soon, of course I’m moving in with my beloved Fergus, so we will need a double quilt for a out love nest. And of course a throw for our sofa, and some patchwork beanbags, and tablecloths and and and…

While I was in the patchwork one I whipped this up, pattern curtousy of The Pink Penguin.

 I saw these quilted baskets over at Be*mused, a blog i read often because it’s full of quiting happiness. The actual tutorial is here;

What a perfect project- it calls for 2″ squares, and I had strips of 2 and 1/2″  binding I didn’t know what to do with, and I had the turqouise cotton from my hexes quit, while the roses is the backing for the purple and green quilt. It took me less than an hour 🙂 It was a birthday present for Grandma Sylvia Rose, so it’s in her colours.

(I am having so much trouble with getting my pictures the way I like them- it’s a bit of a headache and it’s why I don’t blog much even though I have lots of lovely pictures and things to say. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s wordpress, maybe it’s both. I’m also going to figure out how to get cute, tidy little links so I don’t have sprawling URLS all over lovely tidy blog. Also I have totally sworn of sewing for this month because I have two essays in followed by an exam, so no new stuff there. I could always talk about old stuff I suppose.)



Look! Beautiful patterns! Autumn is here and I am in full-on nesting mode, tidying out my room and sewing like demon. This is the quilt cover I got from Chris and Jan for my birthday, it’s from Ikea. I just love this pattern and the way these colours work with the crocheted blanket I got from my Grandma Sylve. I won’t say too loudly but I do get a bit tired of green sometimes. Sometimes. Rarely. The new bed cover makes my whole room far brighter, which is nice for winter. I think with the blanket it’s a bit folksy-gypsy, which is great.

new sheets

My lovely nest 🙂 Perfect for hibernating through the Winter.

And I got a sewing assignment from my beloved Electro-Faerie, to make her a pencilcase! She’s so much fun to make stuff for and she gave me a bag of really beautiful wool felt because she isn’t using it. Bliss! It was nice to use neon colours for her as well. (I’ve made her other stuff like a tutu and legwarmers, maybe I should post them too some time in the interest of cataloguing stuff I’ve made this year?) The only suggestion I got was to include a dinosaur, so I did. The background shows the lining fabric I used;

Dinosaur backDinosaur front

I sewed that last night but I still had itchy fingers, so I made some teeny tiny hexagons and turned them into a little flower brooch. Also loving these new colours from new quilter’s weight cotton that I bought from Rugby with my birthday money. How I love small versions of big things!

red hex brooch

Peace x

I just want to say thanks to all of the people who have said ‘Oh I read your blog’ because I didn’t think anyone read it apart from me and the odd internet-friend who I wanted to show a sewing thing. Um, wow. I feel very loved.

 Anyway I’m just going to dump some pictures of finished projects that I did ages ago.


This is the rag rug I’ve been sewing for more than a year. It’s made  mostly of old tshirts and some scrap fabric. I actually finished it last summer, but I wasn’t happy with it at all because I pulled it too tight as I sewed and it became like a basket so it didn’t lie flat. Long story short, it bothered me so much I just had to pick thewhole thing apart and do it again from scratch. Time well spent since I watched the whole of Gravitation on DVD while I did it (my love of this obscure-ish shounen-ai  is a story for a whole other post, however. And another view of the living room. I feel like I’m cheating to say I “made” this wall-hanging. I hemmed fabric and put sticks through it and I like it a lot. Got to love the very hungry catterpillar.

Very hungry catterpillar

And an english paper peicing update- we have flowers!

Hex flowers progress

pile of hexes

I love how the different fabrics in the centre make the eight base fabrics look completely different. I feel a bit bad for having favourites*, but I think I like this one the best;

peacock hexes

Just look at it! Look at the peacock!

The title is dedicated to Paul. There was a felaf-fail at the weekend. Sam and I decided to make our own felafels at the weekend, using this recipe; And, well, it failed. We decided to deep fry them, but the moment they hit the hot oil they broke up into little blobs. We tried doing them in the frying pan instead, and all was well until we tried to flip them over, upon which they collapsed into crumbley, slightly burned mush. Here you go Mr. Paul, here’s a picture for you before we tried to flip them;


I can only apologise for the ugliness of the photograph. Maybe it I hide it here between more pretty ones then noone will notice. I’m trying to improve my photography skills, but not with much success.

*Why? Why do I feel bad about having favourites? They’re hexagons, it’s not I’m not going to hurt thier feelings!  But I want to value them equally, because each unique patch has it’s own part to play. Gah!

Right. I’m off to go anthropomorphise more objects. Bye bye x