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Exams and essaying are over, so the sewing ban has been lifted! I’ve almost gone straight from uni work back into working at the nursery most of the time, and I have a new job now too. This month (and hopefully beyond) I’m nannying for a lovely little girl called Astrid. She’s two, and to coin a phrase from my co-workers, she’s lush.

Before I went back I had a little trip over to Watercress cottage, and dear Gods it was just so lovely. It’s a grey, cloudy day in the city of Bristol, so I shall take a moment to share some bright, sunny, green photographs to make you all jealous with the sheer beauty of the cottage;

I’m still at it with the art journalling. I’m trying to teach myself watercolour, and I think the technique will come with practise. The paper in my journal isn’t amazing for it, but it does the job so I must fight my art supplies perfectionism for now. Of course a beautiful weekend wouldn’t be complete without some theraputic just-finished-exams baking, so we made the ultimate easy-peasy yet show-off pudding, a lattice topped apple pie.

Something about the summer makes me want to make pastry, which is ironic really considering pastry likes a cold kitchen and cold hands, nothing like sun warmed skin to make flaccid pastry. It’s just so indulgent, when you can buy perfectly good pastry from the shops. This time last year I was making apple turnovers for the panto picnic, and the year before that, well…

What was it they said in ‘Treasure Island’ about strawberry tart?

Dr. Lively- “I’d like to enquire about the tart?”

Rosmerta- “I’ll have you know that under this buxom exterior beats the heart of a shy and delicate flower!”

It’s not like panto-themed baked goods are a rare thing, either. I believe that a certain Mr. Stone has been baking Dobbin coloured muffins, and of course the Panto League of Englishmen enjoyed afternoon tea, complete with Ellie and Olivia’s Dobbin cupcakes! I love these so much.

My own contribution was not quite so colourful. I went with the basic vanilla cupcakes from ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World’ with lemon buttercream frosting. They went very well with my best china teacups and that horrible  tasteful plate Helena and Nat got me for my birthday.

And on a completely unrelated topic, since this is supposed to be a craft blog after all, whilst at Watercress I went to their church flower festival, and I got this book for 50p;

It’s so seventies! I love it! It’s not very helpful in terms of how to actually do patchwork, it’s more about frame quilting, but I’m very inspired by the grandmother’s flowergarden thing it’s got going on.

Look at those beautiful hexes! I love how they’ve cut the fabric so the pattern goes with the flower shape. I don’t have the patience for that and it must create a lot of wastage but it looks really cool. I’m all keen to get on with own hexes project again. I’d been stuck on it for a while- hand peicing takes such a long time! I sewed and sewed for a whole year and I have about a square metre worth of quilt so far. Plus I’m getting a bit sick of the colours I chose. Washed out blues and purples isn’t really doing it for me any more. After seeing this I think it might be fun to do an equal number of hex flowers in warm colours and alternate them on an off-white background a bit like the one above. It depends how I feel, if I want to make this a double. I might as well, since I’m not going to hand peice another quilt in my life, I don’t think. We’ll see. I have forty hex flowers now, which is a whole lot.

Getting there one hexagon at a time. Peace x

Two little owl paperweights

Two little owl paperweights

Five mice and my best china teacup.
Five mice and my best china teacup.
I’m still getting the hang of this blog formatting business, so please bear with me.
I make things. I actually made these mice last Christmas, but I do love the way they look in my best china tea-cup. The one with pale pink was the first, sewn as a little gift for Natalie, Princess of Miceland (Maes Lan.)
The owls came a little later, they are made of felt and weighted with rice so they can be paperweights. The blue one has a baby. As you will see, I really love small versions of big things. Not just small things (though they can be pretty natty too) but scaled-down versions of things that are the same in every detail. Those really small pots of jam you get in hotels. Tiny shells and buttons. See also Jask.
I’ve done a lot lot lot more sewing today but my camera has no batteries to show my progress. I haven’t finished anything much because I got too frustrated with zips and things. Damn it all, I’d go to bed but the drunk people outside the pub next door are shouting. I heard this conversation;
“Waaahaaaaayyyy *drunken slurring*”
“Get off the car you prick!”
“Hahaha look! Look!”
“I hope you fall through and break your fecking neck.”
“Huurgggghhhghhhh ayyyyyyyyy. *more slurring*”
I don’t dare to look.