Grass is ris

Wonder where them birdies is?” (Ogden Nash)

Chez Grelanie has been showing signs of Spring at long last.

They say that purple and green should never be seen. Nature doesn’t seem to think so…

And neither do I…

Keeping with the theme- I’m machine peicing a quilt! I chose my fabric partially with the spring colours in mind, but also the colours in my bedroom. The pattern calls for 12 fat quarters, and the patches are bigs (61/2″ square) so I could pick big patterns. It makes such a change after choosing tiny detailed ones for my paper hexes!

These are all from straight off the shelf in Hobbycraft. I decided to go with two each of six patterns instead of six different, and I got two green/white fleur-de-lis type things, this lovely gypsy-ish burgundy, a burgundy with a small pattern to even it up, and two block colours.I even  invested in a special ruler and a rotary cutter, (one of those little pizza cutter things) and my fabric is all cut up and ready to go.

Of course anyone who’s looked in my wardrobe will know my take on “Purple and green should never be seen.” Maybe it’s supposed to be “orange and green”? Or “Blue and green”? Not guilty there, folks. Anyway, that doesn’t even scan.

Off to bed. Love love love x