I am so frustrated, you guys, seriously. I have loads of craftyness, and artness and things to blog about and I have loads of photos but I can’t find the sodding lead to make the laptop and the camera talk to each other. Yes, yes, I know, I can’t possibly post without a picture because then someone might actually read my nonsense. Insecurities abound!

So, I’m biting that bullet to tell anyone who cares that between 01/03/09 and 01/03/09 I READ 100 BOOKS!

 That’s a book every three and a half days!  Even for me it’s a lot of reading. Honestly I reread a few of the books on my lists multiple multiple times, but that doesn’t count for me, because I need to read some things like the Dion Fortune book and the Paolo to remind me I’m not actually crazy. Here’s my list;

1.‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter’- Amy Tan
2.‘The Handmaid’s Tale’- Margaret Atwood.
3.‘Writing home’- Alan Bennett
4.‘Choke’- Chuck Palahniuk
5.‘The Sea Priestess’- Dion Fortune ®
6.‘Shantaram’- Gregory
David Roberts
7.‘The Wizard of Earthsea’- Ursula LeGuin

8.‘On the Road’- Jack Kerouac
9.‘The Dharma Bums’-Jack Kerouac
10.‘A Game of Thrones’- George R. R Martin
11.‘Everything but the truth’- short stories by Christopher Macpherson
12.‘Bone Island’- Christopher Macpherson
13.‘The story of O’- Pauline Reage

14.‘Perfume’- Patrick Suskind

15.’Netherland’- Joseph Oneill
16.‘Twelve minutes’- Paulo Coelho
17.‘Brida’- Paulo Coelho
18.‘Veronica Decides to Die’- Paulo Coelho
19.‘The 11.11 code’- Hillary H. Carter
20.‘P.S I love you’- Cecilia Ahern
21.‘Wicked’- Gregory Maguire
22.‘Son of a Witch’- Gregory Maguire
23.‘The Power of Now’ Eckhart Tolle
24.‘Bitten’- Kelley Armstrong
25.‘Stolen’- Kelley Armstrong
26.’No humans involved’- Kelley Armstrong
27.‘Wintersmith’- Terry Pratchett ®
28.‘Wierd Sisters’- Terry Pratchett ®
29.‘The Wild Duck’- Ibsen
30.‘Hedda Gabler’- Ibsen
31.‘Death of a Salesman’- Miller
32.‘Broken Glass’- Miller
33.‘Secret Diary of a London Call Girl’- Belle de Jour
34.‘Cat Magic’- Whitley Streiber
35.‘White Teeth’- Zadie Smith
36.‘Twilight’- Stephanie Meyer
37.‘Ravenheart’- David Gemmel
38.‘The Last Guardian’- David Gemmel
39.‘Manifesto’- Barefoot Doctor

40.‘Dragonquest’ Anne Mccaffrey
41.‘Dragonsdawn’- Anne Mccaffrey
42.‘Dolphins of Pern’- Anne Mccaffrey
43.‘Dragon’s Fire’- Anne Mccaffrey
44.‘Dragon Harper’- Anne Mccaffrey

45.‘Wicked Words, A Black Lace Short Story Collection’- Ed. Kerri Sharp
46.‘Interview with the Vampire’- Anne Rice
47.‘Faeries’- Brian Froud and Alan Lee
48.’New Moon’- Stephanie Mayer
49.‘Renegades of Pern’- Anne MccAffrey
50.‘Snuff’- Chuck Palhanuik
51.‘The girl who heard dragons, and other short stories’- Anne Mccaffrey
52.‘Last Chance to See’- Douglas Adams
53.‘Wolf’- Anne Rice®
54.‘Junk’- Anthony Burgess
55.‘Dime Store Magic’- Kelley Armstrong
56.‘Subtle Aromatherapy’-Patricia Davies

57.’Invisible Monsters’- Chuck Palhanuik
58.Juliet, Naked’- Nick Hornby
59.’Not a Star’- Nick Hornby
60.’Grave Secrets’- Kathy Reichs
61.’Divine Misdemeanours’- Laurel K Hamilton
62.’A lick of Frost’ ®- Lauel K Hamilton
63.’Swallowing Darkness’ ®- Laurel K Hamilton
64.Industrial Magic- Kelley Armstrong
65.’Xmen Noir’ (Graphic Novel)
66.’Barefoot Dr’s Guide for Modern Lovers’- Barefoot Doctor
67.’Yes Man’- Danny Wallace
68.’Manifesto’- Barefoot Doctor
69.’Frenchman’s creek’- Daphne DeMaurier
70.’Two Cures for Love’- Wendy Cope
71.’Johnathon Livingston Seagull’- Richard Bach

72.’Johnathon Livingston Trafalgar Square Pigeon'(A parody)- David Lines

73.’There’s no such place as far away’- Richard Bach

74.’Unseen Academicals’ – Terry Pratchett

75.’Slam’- Nick Nornby

76.’The King’s General’- Daphne De Maurier

77.’The Ayre Affare’- Jasper Fford

78.’The Last Hero’- David Gemell
79.’The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy’- Tim Burton

80.’Poison Study’- Maria V. Snyder

81.’The Whitsun Weddings’- Phillip Larkin

82.’The Tales of Beedle the Bard’- J. K Rowling

83.’Feminine Gospels’- Carol Anne Duffy
84.’The Sherlock Holmes Collection of Short Stories’- Arthur Conan Doyle

85.’Paradise Lost’- Milton

86.’Chasing the Dragon’- Jackie Pullinger

87.’Tank Girl’ (Graphic Novel)

88.’Findrinny’- Donald Goodbrand Saunders

89.’Tamburlaine’- Marlowe

90.’The Jew of Malta’- Marlowe

91.’Time’s Arrow’- Martin Amis

92.’Frostbitten’- Kelley Armstrong

93.’Tank Girl- Visions of Booga’ (Graphic Novel)

94.’Venus and Adonais’- William Shakespeare

95.’The Revenger’s Tragedy’- Tourner/ Middleton

96.’The Sign of the Four’- Arthur Conan Doyle

97.’The Lovely Bones’- Alice Sebold

98.’Shanghai Baby’- Wei Hui

99.’Illusions’- Richard Bach

100.’Manual for the Warrrior of Light’- Paulo Coelho ®

Why is it doing that stupid formatting thing? Anybody? I’ve been trying to fix it for a few days now and I just can’t, so I’ll have to let it be. Think of it as an excercise in acceptance for myself. If I wait to sort it out I’ll never post.

I might add to this later, now I’m going to run away before anyone notices I have nothing to say. Love love love x