January seems to have passed in a blurr of children and books. Most of it looked a bit like this;

I love this. It sums up my little ones perfectly, the age they are at, the state they are in. Even as he takes a moment to come to me he is already pulling away, feet flying, eyes on some other prize. He’s a blur of play and noise. 

Since going back to uni I now only work on Tuesdays, and I bumped into his mother. She says I told him that he would see you today and he said “Grace all gone.” This is huge -huge- when you’re only one and a half. I am head-over-heels for all my kids but I don’t expect them to remember me.

I want to say that working with children has taught me a lot, but it seems so obvious, so commonplace. Yet it has. Mostly just to slow it down. Slow it down, slow it down and then slow it down a little more. 

So in the spirit of that, in preparing to return to university, I have been here;

If you need a quiet space, you can come play in here with me. The best part about being a grown-up is I don’t have to take it down and I don’t have to sleep in my bed if I don’t want to.

Tha’t not a great den picture. It’s better inside, at night, I have a lantern that makes patterns and there are fairy lights. Really, you should come hang out with me some time. Or make your own. I recommend it for anyone who has an empty space in thier heart.