More than anything else, what Christmas means to me is craft. There has been a lot of art and making. Theirs;

And mine;

Remember the small version of big hexagons? Here they are again, in the form of little removable brooches on four pouches I sewed for the girls’ Christmas presents. They were filled with little goodies including Cath Kidson patterned tissues and pin badges from paperchase, and sweeties, of course. Does this still count as a “Buy Nothing” present? Maybe not, but it’s cute and I love making up presents.

Besides that, I have been on a Buy Nothing kick with more cooking and baking like a crazy thing. Just because I work 91/2 hours a day doesn’t mean I can’t make up three batches of Turkish Delight on the day before Christmas Eve. I am a sweetie machine! It would seem Turkish Delight doesn’t photograph well, which is a shame because those little cubes in three different jewel colours for Rose, Orange Blossom and Mint are so pretty. These were so much fun to do and far easier than you’d think. This is the second time I’ve done T.D, the first time was with Kate, and that came out too Rosy and too wet. This time, I used a recipe from here; and it was perfect. Only quibble is my Orange Blossom essence wasn’t all that strong, you really have to close your eyes and wish to taste that orangey-ness.

I’d like to post more about the Buy Nothing thing but just go see because they are more eleoquent. I am into it more from a reducing consumerism and saving money angle, rather than a “Christmas is about Christ” angle, but we have a lot in common. I also like that this year I haven’t been given any stuff I don’t need. (I’ll post actual Christmas photos another day, in case anyone cares, but suffice to say I won’t run out of books, coffee, underwear or smelly things for a while.)

Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas, good blog-readers (all six of you!) and I’ll leave you with a gratuitous photo of my Christmas presents from last year; gingerbread cookies from VWAV.