It’s starting to smell a bit like Christmas around here. Work at the nursery goes on until the 22nd (Boo!) so if I want Christmassy feelings around the house I shall have to do it myself. Hence the oranges and cloves.

I wasn’t going to blog today but work is making me crazy. I’m quite calm generally, at work. I don’t mind being wee-ed on, or bitten or jumped on or scraping five bowls of fish stew off the floor, but everyone has their one thing that pisses them off. Mine is knocking my glasses off my face. ARRGH! You can pull my hair and smack me as much as you want, but you do not mess with the glasses! Do. Not. Want. *breathe breathe* …There, rant over. For the record I fixed them and I back to my serene, earth-mothery self.

I was going to do a “things I am grateful for” list, but I think I’ll go drink a coffee and get back to bum wiping. Peace x