This time last time, I was here;

This time this time I find myself here;

That’s one turn of the wheel of the year. I know I am pagan because I find the seasons so incredibly fucking cool. Every little change, and everything that is the same as last year but infitely different in the details, I feel astounded and blessed. I am deeply in love with this planet, I don’t care and I don’t ever want to get over it.

These pictures are from two walks taken at the same time in two different years, almost to the day. They were both walks into Leigh Woods taken in the final days before the Christmas Pantomime (last year was Panto of the Opera, this year was Treasure Island), desperately trying to get some forest time into my life and ground myself. It seems I haven’t changed much in terms of what my eye is drawn to. I love the cyclical nature of the year because looking back across the wheel gives you a point of comparison, and I am able to say that here, now, I am feeling so much better than I was this time last year that I don’t even have words. This is me trying to use my blog to actually talk about my year out and what I’ve learned and blah blah but we all know life isn’t like that so I’ll leave it. I’m starting to think about going back to uni, getting back in touch with my department, buying books. Truthfully just thinking about going back into an academic environment after so long gives me a horrible sick feeling in my stomach but I’m also so, so ready.

Peace x