It’s been pretty quiet around here recently.

I’m happy actually, but something about this phase of Autumn is bringing me into myself. I’ve been out of the sewing groove for a while, making the odd bits and peices, playing around with different techniques, patterns and colour but not in a productive way. I sometimes feel like because I don’t have a job or a degree right now, if I’m not pumping out finished peices or writing, sewing and painting every day then I’m somehow a bad lazy person. So this has been a few weeks of just sitting with ideas and mulling them over, which is actually just as creative as making tangible “things” all the time just so I can go “look, look, I do stuff with my time!”

It’s always nice to have a quiet space.

Quiet space

Some days you need to put all your bedding on the floor.

Light some candles.

Get out the tarot or the crystals

and let them run through your fingers

Without trying to make meaning.


If anyone needs a quiet space these days

They are very welcome to join me in mine.


… and I have lots of faith that things are quiet because there is lots of new stuff under the surface getting ready to come out.

(I really hate how wordpress won’t let me write my lines like a poem, but insists on putting space between them. There’s bullet points but that’s really not the spirit I’m going for. *Sad face*)

By the way, this week has been National Baking Week. Did you know that? There’s been lots of experimental cooking and I will do a vegan/foodie update soon to show Paul all the things I’ve made from the cookbook he got me.

Tell a lie, some serious sewing has gone on here today while Sam was out. (I’m like a secret elf and can’t work with people watching.) I can’t take pictures and do it justice because it’s dark now, but here’s a little taster of new and very beloved raw materials;

New fabric