I just love September. Who doesn’t? It’s the perfect energy for me, a lovely combination of ending feelings from the earth’s rhythm starting to think about wrapping everything up, but at the same time the school term is starting so it feels like a fresh start. *Happy sigh*

When I was in Slovenia, I would get up at 6 every day. The first ten minutes out of bed, pulling on cold trousers and stepping out while it’s still dark because the sun may have risen but it hasn’t crested the mountains yet, they were hellish. But then I would adjust, and just breathe in the air- perfect. I love mornings, I don’t see as many of them as I should. So yesterday I went for a morning walk on my ownsome, and took a mug of green tea up to the observatory. Bliss.

Misty bridge


While I was walking I went down the trail that comes out in the bottom of the gorge by the steps, and there was a fallen tree that I’d never noticed before. I might have tripped over it, if someone hadn’t kindly labelled it for me;

Mind the tree

Who does that? That’s the kind of thing I would do, and I mean that in the best possible way.

So what craft has been going down? Hexagons, of course! I have sewn all the hexes I need for my quilt top, I think. Look at them all cuddled up in a biscuit tin. This makes me happy.