Well, as anyone whom I have telephoned lately *cough*paultheonlyreaderofmybloganyway*cough* will have noticed, I’m not in Slovenia any more. Long story short, my wallet was stolen, complete with two bank cards and my driving liscence. I didn’t notice it was missing for five or six days, until I was planning to go on a trip to Postojna caves, then I realised it must have been taken while I was on the bus to Nove Jarse to meet Sandy (the guy I am WWOOFing for.) Vexing? Yes, very. The Slovenian family were spectacularly unhelpful about dealing with it, and I ended up getting some money through Western Union back in Ljubljana, cutting my losses and hopping on a plane home.

Could I have carried on travelling? Oh sure, I can’t lie, I could’ve carried on. No card means no booking youth hostels in advance (you can’t even reserve a room by phone! I tried!) so taking risks on having nowhere to sleep, but I could have waited for my cards to come through. But honestly, it would be expensive. I’d already spent a fortune in phone bills and I was tired of WWOOFing and not learning anything. I feel quite down on myself for not being more adventurous, but hey, adventure is what you make it and it’s a sliding scale. I’d gone out of my comfort zone plenty already and I was tired.

Besides, I am always where I need to be. If I hadn’t gone back to Ljubjlana, I wouldn’ve have got to know Luise (my fellow WWOOFer who left with me) better, or met this sweet girl Courtney in the hostel. And that night here was a free gig in the city centre so we went are drank beer and watched Joss Stone perform. I only recognised one song but it was a really fun gig. It was tipping it down, and the lights were shining through the rain. Everyone was dancing with Umbrellas and moshing to the other act, a Slovenian rock band called Sidhartta. The moon was full overhead, I had music and a beer and friends, and afterwards we wound through the cobbled streets and got crepes to eat. At midnight, I ask you! Europian street food beats English hands down. In Bristol all you could get at that time is van-of-death snacks.

It’s nice to be back. Here are thing’s I’ve been missing. My beautiful sister, for example. Doesn’t she look like model here?


And I went for my usual walk around Newton; down the railway line, back up the picnic area and across the feilds. It was grey day, with clouds gathering, but completely delicious and Autumnal. I love this area so much. I love coming back and seeing what’s changed, fields that were fallow have been plowed, trees I used to climb have fallen and the kids have made thier dens beneath the roots. Everything changes and yet the energy is the same. I’ve been to some beautiful places, and Gods know here is nothing special, just a dissused railway with warehouses on the edge of my vision. But it’s mine. And I love it. I can see the beauty in grey days even if noone else can;