Time passes in Vallanes.

The sun shines on our camp, the soil is warm. The lettuces are growing and so are the weeds. Four wwoofers have left, and two new ones have arrived. We have emptied all the plants out of the flower barn and transformed it into a yogu studio, where Eymundir gives us a lesson every day.

Today I hitched up to Egilsstaðir with Saskia to get groceries. Then I walked to the lake, and was not eaten by the monster. Two people have gone to climb one of the mountains, no sign of them back yet, but then it is very snowy on the peaks still, despite the sun.

There´s not much to say. The weather has been beautiful and I´m getting very brown from working in the feilds. Lilja is teaching me about the herbs that grow here, and Sarah and I are making a book about green cleaning. I feel very calm because I am living my principles here. I want to be able to eat nice organic food, so I get down on my hands and knees and plant it. I look at every vegetable I eat with new eyes!

The other day it was so hot that after digging to cover our cabbages, four of us went down to the swimming hole we´ve christened Lake Lilja. Yes it was cold but the views of snowcapped mountains were fantastic.

Bless! x (that´s Icelandic for Bye)