Here I am at Mothir Jorð, Vallanes.

It is beautiful.

I am surrounded by mountains covered in snow and there are wildflowers everywhere We´re on the edge of lake Lagarflot, where there are fantastic crystals formed by the lava; quartz peices and agate geodes as big as my fist just lying around. I´ve never seen anything like it. Speaking of things lying around, there´s a dead sheep and Bonnie has taken the fleece to card and spin so I might learn how to do that.

The midnight sun takes some getting used to. I love it!

Grace´s pictures 002

Grace´s pictures 006

Here´s the team planting beets in the far feild, which is a lot of fun. Eymundur grows beets and all sorts of vegetables, and barley, which we eat a lot of. It is cooked up with apples and cinnamon to make a kind of porridge called ´Gabriel´s breakfast´ it´s damn good. I eat that every morning, and Lilia the housekeeper makes all veggie food.

In short I´m still alive and enjoying myself. The internet is super slow so I can´t put more pictures, but it´s gorgeous here.