She walks through the woods with a smile on face, now and then pausing to pick a few leaves and put them in her pockets. That’ll make good food for later. The trees are so green you could breathe it and choke on the richness.

Wild garlic

How does your garden grow? Mine grows like this.

Salad leaves

That’s right, I grew those baby salad leaves myself. The rain is spattering down on Bristol and I open my windows.The fresh wet city smell of water on warm concrete drifts in, with an undertone of wet country smell, damp trees up at the observatory. Bread is rising in the kitchen. I’ve been to see Nicholas this morning, and my head is full of his words. As usual I don’t know quite what to think. Nicholas said “I’m getting a sense of sunshine from you today. A sense of hope. How does that feel for you?” It feels okay. I feel okay. I’m happy with that and with the world.