I don’t walk entirely by myself. From time to time I am accompanied by monsters. 


This is Frank. He’s a hot-water-bottle eating monster of the genus warmus bellius and an amiable sort of chap. He’s a good monster to choose if you have children, other monsters or pets. He may not have any eyes but he has a very warm heart, and a long furry tail, too. Frank is made of acrylic fur and lined with fleece for insulation.

But wait, who is that next to him?


This is Jask. He’s a tentacle monster.

But he looks so sad! Why is he sad?

Jask is a sensitive soul, yet despite his melancholy exterior, he’s rarely truly unhappy. He’s a gentle, sweet monster who thinks deeply and speaks little; a philosopher, a dreamer, and a steadfast friend if you can push past his initial shyness. I’d vouch that the reason he looks so sad here is that he’s missing his child;


Jask’s child is like Jask but smaller. She’s made of recycled tshirting and weighted with rice, just like Jask.